OneSky is the complete localization toolkit for your app.

We handle the pain points, so you can get back to building your app.

The best way to build

your app localization pipeline













Build your localization pipeline

Implement our solution in your product localization process quickly and correctly with our field-tested SDKs and backend.

With support for every major platform, you can skip the nuanced details of multi-platform localization assets management, and get back to building your app.

Our backend provides a single source of truth for your localization assets such as original contents and translations, as well as users' localization preferences for your application ecosystem.

Easy integration, awesome power

We manage localization processes the right way to unlock the power of your app

Deploy Quickly

Reduce Fragmentation

End-to-end solution to simplify and streamline your operations.

We automate every localization process to eliminate human interventions.

OneSky cuts deployment from months to hours.

Automate Workflow

Manage Localization Assets

We curate standard locales to support multiple platforms.

Web GUI to manage localization assets and effects.

Detect and manifest localization effects based on user preference.

Use Standard Locales

Understand User Preferences

Localization involves many steps. It will take you thousands of hours figuring them out yourself. We have come up with end to end, step by step best practices, which you can instantly make use when you use OneSky. See how much time you will save.

Save time. A lot of time

One place for all localization concerns

Localization spans across multiple concerns and functions, from development to marketing and project management. OneSky helps bring them all together in one place, rowing to the same beat via integrations and automations.

Localization experience to your users, out of the box

Localization experience to users involves mix-and-match with your own implementations. We have come up with world-class localization handling for your apps out-of-the-box such as building blocks, UI templates and cross-platform locales.

Excellent businesses power their localization workflow with OneSky


“From the day we started using OneSky, 

the support has been amazing.”

“We’re amazed by OneSky’s quick turnaround.

We’ll continue to use their convenient solution for

future translations.”

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